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I still remember the first time I decided to move my business. I had a small masonry company at the time, and we didn't think that it would be that hard to load everything into a few trucks. A few weeks later, we found ourselves struggling to maintain our business, clean up our old location, and get set up in our new place. Although I have owned several businesses over the years, moving an entire company is never easy. I decided to dedicate this website to helping other small business owners like myself, so that you don't have to endure the same hassles that I did. I hope that you find the information that you need, and that your next move can be successful.

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Buying a Used Car? Tips to Help You Avoid Problems With Tags and Title Transfer

If you're in the process of buying a car from a third party, you'll need to take steps to obtain the tags and title. If you're not prepared for the process, you could end up with a few problems. When you purchase a used car from a dealership, they'll usually handle the tags and title transfer for you. However, that's not the case with third-party vehicle purchases. With those types of purchases, the buyer needs to handle the tags and title transfer. To help you avoid problems with your tags and title transfer, follow the information provided here. 

Know What You're Buying

If you're in the market for a used car, and you plan to buy one from a third party, make sure you know what you're paying for. It's not uncommon for third parties to sell salvaged cars, or cars that have a lien-holder attached. If you don't know what you're looking for, you may run into trouble when you try to obtain the tags and title for the car. Before you buy a car, make sure the title is clean, which means there are no liens and no salvage certificates. If the car has a clean title, you shouldn't have problems making the transfer into your own name. 

Secure the Vehicle Title

If you plan to buy a used car from a third-party seller, make sure you secure the title before you leave the premises. You'll need the title before you can apply for new tags and the title for the car you've purchased. Once you're given the title, take a close look at it. The title should be signed and dated by the seller. It should also provide the selling price, as well as the current odometer reading. If the title doesn't include that information, be sure to take care of that right away. The DMV technician will confirm that information prior to giving you the tags and title for your car. 

Insure the New Vehicle

If you've found a used car to buy, you'll need to insure it right away. First, you can't legally drive your new car without proper insurance coverage. Second, the DMV will ask for that information when you try to register your car. To avoid a citation for driving without insurance, and to avoid delays with your tags and title, insure your used car as soon as you complete the purchase. 

Don't set yourself up for future problems. Now that you plan to buy a used car from a third-party seller, use the tips here to help you with the transfer of your vehicle's tags and title. For more information, contact a tag and title company near you to learn more.