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Protect Home-Based Business Shipments: 3 Ways To Further Strengthen Corrugated Boxes

Times have changed. Americans are no longer restricted with specific and strict work schedules. The internet has opened up vast amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs. So much so that a new home-based business is started up every 12 seconds in the U.S.  If your business involves shipping products to clients all over the U.S. or […]

Five Reasons Your Smartphone Overheats—And What to Do About Them

Millions of Americans now rely on their smartphones for business or personal reasons, and these minicomputers are increasingly robust and durable. Nonetheless, like any other computer, smartphones can overheat, and if your phone shuts down when you most need it, you will probably want to understand what caused the problem. Learn about five possible causes […]

6 Ways Photographers Can Effectively Use A Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

For everyday use, a faux ivy privacy screen is a great way to add decorative elements and screening to both commercial and business properties. The faux green leaves are also an ideal way to enhance outdoor photography skills. By adding a roll of the faux ivy to your photography props, you can have a go-to […]

Pressure Clean: Boats, Trailers, And Atvs

When you stow your outdoor gear away for the winter, you want to make sure that it will be clean for you when you use it next spring or summer. Power washing is one of the most efficient ways to get the job done. Here’s a quick guide to help you power clean your favorite […]

3 Things You Should Do While Loading a Moving Truck to Protect Personal Possessions

Loading a moving truck can seem to be as much an art as a science, but there are some things you can do that can make loading a truck a less-stressful experience and also result in better protection for your possessions. Below are three considerations that will help ensure that your items arrive in one […]

Relocating For Work? 2 Things You Should Ask Your Company To Pay For

As soon as your boss explains that they want you to relocate to a swanky new office in another state, you might start daydreaming about new coworkers, a new office, and an exciting local culture. Unfortunately, unless you take the time to negotiate your relocation package, you might come across a few unpleasant expenses along […]

Bailing Out A Friend? There Are A Few Things You Should Know First

Do you have a friend who recently landed in hot water with the law? Are you considering bailing your friend out of jail? While it is a seemingly heroic move and your friend will likely appreciate the gesture, there are a few things you need to know before you race to the rescue. Bring Enough Money […]

3 Tips for Busting Dust in Your Home

If your busy schedule makes it difficult or impossible to maintain an ideally clean home, you may assume that professional house cleaning is the only logical answer to your problem. But while it may in fact make good sense to hire a maid service for periodic top to bottom cleanings, you can also make your […]

Why Should I Purchase An Eco Casket?

For some, their duty to the world, which includes being an environmentally conscious person, does not end at their death. Most environmentally conscious individuals realize that the work that they do is to make sure that the world is inhabitable for future generations to come; so that this generation’s children, their children, and so on, […]

Utilizing The New Walkup Trend To Add Appeal To Your Apartment Community

The words “walk up” are taking on a whole new meaning. Though the phrase “walk-up” once referred to a tall, multi-floor apartment building, the similar new phrase, “WalkUP,” is short for “walkable urban place,” a neighborhood in which it is easier to get from place to place by walking rather than driving. WalkUP communities in […]